Our Moonshot Solution

What We've Created

In a hospital setting, patient services are connected and coordinated under the auspices of one or more medical staff.  Once a patient is discharged, needed services are disconnected and not easily accessible to the patient and his or her caregivers.

Research shows that the lack of connectivity and coordination can have an adverse effect on the patient, creating emotional stress and anxiety, resulting in the need for emergency care and hospital readmissions. The problem is further complicated by the pressure of rapidly changing economics on the healthcare industry as it transitions from a “Fee for Service” model to a “Pay for Performance” model in which patients are discharged early.

Patient Relationship Suite

Designed with guidance from clinicians and home care professionals, our three-dimensional Patient Relationship platform offers a broad spectrum of patient engagement, assessment and service delivery solutions for the provider and the @Home patient.

Patient@Home Hub

Our Patient@Home Hub and trained Advocacy Services Center staff assure that the personalized @Home patient’s life plan is clearly articulated and implemented with compassion and professionalism.  Patient and caregiver participate in accessing and managing the delivery of myriad medical services, such as Home Health, Medication and Infusion, as well as social services, such as Transportation, Meals, Medication Compliance and Education.  Our strategic moonshot partners include Tridiuum, Inc. (a leading behavioral health care firm), Microsoft Bizspark Premier and Qualcomm Life for devices and communications.

Xverity’s Patient@Home Hub and Advocacy Services Center are activated before the patient is discharged from the hospital, and are in place, anticipating the patient’s needs and preferences, before the patient reaches his/her front door. Just as the best hotels use technology to “know” their guests intimately before they arrive in the lobby, and assign someone to the guest to ensure personalized service, Xverity’s Patient@Home Hub is complemented by a trained Advocate responsible for ensuring a superior patient experience.

For the Provider

  •  Xverity provides a proven state-of-the-art technology tool set to manage data collection, thereby improving communications across all parties and clinical disciplines to produce better patient outcomes.
  • Xverity uses validated assessment and risk stratification tools to improve patient care and outcomes.
  • Xverity offers data-driven solutions to improve care planning and the delivery and coordination of care.
  • Xverity provides operational efficiency tools for real-time solutions to improve resource management and reduce costs.
  • Xverity technology engages and connects the physician, patient and caregiver.

For the Patient and Caregiver

  • Xverity provides access to on-demand transportation services for doctor’s visits and other related needs.
  • Xverity coordinates and implements a comprehensive medication management program, including medication alerts, reconciliation and refills.
  • Xverity automates home delivery of prepared meals and grocery shopping.
  • Xverity promotes patient and caregiver education through video education programs and coordination of life coaches.
  • Xverity offers the latest in-home biometric devices to monitor the patient’s wellbeing.
  • Xverity offers flexibility in selecting services from the Patient@Home Hub that best suit their needs.

Our goal: A five-star rating by everyone whose lives we touch.