What We've Created

Everybody knows someone who is taking care of a family member. In fact, half of us are or will be among the more than 40 million family caregivers in the country who devote an average of 20 hours a week to caring for a chronically ill or disabled adult.

Paradoxically, the health of a caregiver – especially those who have dual responsibilities as employees and caregivers – often deteriorates due to the stress of juggling both work and continuous care giving. As a result, productivity on the job goes down almost 20% and personal health care benefit costs go up an average of 8% a year, about $550 for each caregiver.

The family caregiver dilemma is a looming national crisis of care for an aging population. For employers, the economic impact of employee caregiving goes right to the bottom line.

Our Solution

Xverity, Inc., recognized as a Health Transformer by StartUp Health.


CAREGIVERASSISTSM as an employee benefit solution for caregivers, their employers and care recipients.  Developed by professionals who have personally lived the caregiving experience, CAREGIVERASSISTSM is a unique @home social ecosystem that begins with a detailed LifePlan that is converted to a personalized LifeCare program – including in-home monitoring and communication devices – for the safety, security and peace of mind of the caregiver and care recipient.

Central to the Life Care program is our technology-enabled CAREGIVERASSISTSM Services Hub that provides on-demand web, mobile and telephonic access to an array of needed non-clinical social services, such as transportation, home delivery of prepared meals and groceries, home maintenance and repair, medication alerts and refills, and a host of other  services to keep the care recipient engaged, comfortable, safe and secure with dignity.

For Our Customer

  •  Xverity provides a proven state-of-the-art technology tool set to manage data collection, thereby improving communications across all parties and clinical disciplines to produce better patient outcomes.
  • Xverity offers data-driven solutions to improve care planning and the delivery and coordination of care.
  • Xverity provides operational efficiency tools for real-time solutions to improve resource management and reduce costs.
  • Xverity technology engages and connects the physician, patient and caregiver.

For the Caregiver and Care Recipient

  • Xverity provides access to on-demand transportation services for doctor’s visits and other related needs.
  • Xverity coordinates and implements a comprehensive medication management program, including medication alerts, reconciliation and refills.
  • Xverity automates home delivery of prepared meals and grocery shopping.
  • Xverity promotes patient and caregiver education through video education programs and coordination of life coaches.
  • Xverity offers the latest in-home biometric devices to monitor the patient’s wellbeing.
  • Xverity offers flexibility in selecting services from the Patient@Home Hub that best suit their needs.

Our goal: A five-star rating by everyone whose lives we touch.