Joe’s Story is the Xverity Story

Xverity has been a personal journey for co-founder and CEO. Joe Cellucci, and most of the members of the Xverity team who are or have been caregivers for a family member or friend. Joe’s story, however, is more compelling. As a cancer survivor, he has experience with virtually all aspects of the health care system impelled him to step back and say, “There has got to be a better way.”  A successful technology entrepreneur, Joe saw the need for improvement as an opportunity and decided to shoot for the moon.  Xverity was launched.

What we do

Xverity, a technology-enabled caregiving services company, dedicated to creating a Caregiving Presence™ for care recipients and their caregivers in an at-home setting.  Our initial product, CaregiverAssist, is powered by Xverity’s mature platform and includes a comprehensive solution for working family caregivers and home care companies that want to improve the quality of care for their care recipients and fill the caregiving gap when a family or paid caregiver cannot be with the care recipient.

CaregiverAssist begins with a LifePlan prepared by both the caregiver and care recipient.  In addition to becoming a single-point repository for all pertinent personal life style and health-related information, the profiles are designed to educate both parties about the caregiving process and the need for a close and honest collaboration between the care giver and care recipient, as well as other members of the caregiving circle of other family members, friends and health care providers.  One of the primary goals of the LifePlan is to prompt the caregiver and care recipient to self-assess their readiness for a productive, empathetic caregiving relationship in which both parties have responsibilities to one another.  The LifePlan (our Social Prescription) also includes curated available resources, such as videos and digital publications, caregivers and care recipients can use to help them better understand and manage the caregiving relationship.  Xverity also offers the CaregiverAssist Advocacy Center, a 24/7 contact center accessible by phone, smart phone, internet or other communication devices such as Amazon Alexa. The Center is staffed with personnel trained to interact with people who are chronically ill or disabled.

Others claim to do vertical pieces of the process. Xverity is the only end-to-end @Home ecosystem that improves care and manages costs.

Bottom Line:

We ensure @Home patients and their caregivers peace of mind, better care and reduced risk of ER visits and hospital readmissions.  And nobody does it better. 

Creating a Caregiving Presence

Why We’re Needed

The ``5,000 Hours Problem``

“Physicians are rarely trained to help patients change their behaviors, but a tech-based system could help solve the ‘5,000 hours problem’ that plagues the industry – the time that patients spend on their own, away from the watchful eye of the provider,” Dr. Kevin Volpp, director for the Center for Health Incentives a Behavioral Economic and vice chairman for health policy at the University of Pennsylvania, opined in a recent blog. Other authorities agree that the continuum of care is often disrupted when a patient leaves a hospital or other protected setting.


Growing Need

Data show that the need for @Home patient care is growing rapidly as the population ages and people opt to age in place rather than be institutionalized.

The statistics add up to a scalable opportunity to combine caregiving  with an advocacy-managed services network that can be configured and automated to deliver essential services for patient safety, security and convenience and better health.

CaregiverAssist is available in two versions: one for the employee market to help relieve the stress of juggling dual responsibilities as caregiver and employee, the second for the home care industry. In both cases, CaregiverAssist creates a 24/7 “caregiving presence” when the paid home care professional or unpaid family caregiver is not with the care recipient.  A key component of CaregiverAssist is an Advocacy Center staffed by trained personnel to answer questions and, when appropriate, refer the caller to other CaregiverAssist resources.

CaregiverAssist is not simply a referral service where people are directed to a list of possible resources.  Using our Services Hub, care givers or care recipients can actually book a ride to a doctor’s appointment or order meals and groceries or schedule a home repair in real time. We also offer a prepaid card to pay for transactions, keep track of purchases made through the Hub and mitigate fraud risks by people who prey on older adults.  Additionally, a monthly statement of transactions is a useful record of eligible expenses reimbursable under Medicare. No other caregiving service offers the convenience, ease-of-use and security of CaregiverAssist.

The Numbers

  • 40 million seniors in the U.S., 12 percent of the population.
  • Caregiving cost the US economy $25.2 Billion in lost productivity.
  • 80 percent of people over age 60 that require in-home care prefer to live independently, in comfort, with an enhanced quality of life.
  • 10,000 Americans turning 65 every day will produce a drastic increase in healthcare needs through 2050.
  • Care recipients who rely on working caregivers are most vulnerable and at greatest risk 10 to 12 hours a day when the caregiver is not available because of job responsibilities and other activities.
  • Working employees’ health care problem can cost US companies a potential $13.4 Billion a year.
  • Employers’ usual response is limited to paid family leave and referral to outside resources for assistance.

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